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For you.
For our environment.

Products from Rotho ReNew are made from post-consumer recycled plastic. This plastic has already been used in a household for another product.

Items that were previously yoghurt beakers, food storage containers or laundry baskets are thoroughly cleaned, sorted, and processed into plastic granules. The high-quality granulate material is then used to make our Rotho ReNew products. The material gets a second lease of life!

When you use Rotho ReNew, you have a product that has a low environmental impact and is produced with energy-saving methods. The Federal Republic of Germany has awarded ReNew products with the „Blue Angel “, an environmental label for especially environmentally friendly products.

Rotho places great value on environmental protection and sustainable use of resources. The ReNew Line offers sustainably produced articles of a high quality and appealing design for an environmentally friendly, daily use. All ReNew products can be recycled again.